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The Barford Threesome

Three fathers, each caught up in a sense of personal power and possibility.

Last Days of Montreal

Sometimes the best thing to do is munch a beautiful apple, crack open a perfect beer – and enjoy!

The Voice of Aliette Nouvelle

A hero and the myth of freedom. A “what if” story inspired by a myth that’s out of step with history.

All Pure Souls

A hero in the realm of the Goddess. Because all heroes require spirituality.

Stifling Folds of Love

Heroes need love too. Things gets deadly as Aliette fights to separate essential love from gaudy romance.

The Unknown Masterpiece

When love turns out wrong, some heroes get a bit crazy. But there is still a murder to be solved.

Walls of a Mind

Our hero moves on to a new life in the south of France. A murder in wine country. A second chance at love for Aliette.

Tropéano’s Gun

A hero in a world of deadly force. The messy conclusion to her first big case brings an order from Division: Chief Inspector Aliette Nouvelle must wear the sidearm she has mostly ignored throughout her career. And be ready to use it.

While the Music Lasts

A hero caught in the space between Eros and Mother-hen. This seventh book was inspired by the plight of musician Bertrand Cantat after his release from prison for the murder of his film star lover.