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The Voice of Aliette Nouvelle

…a hero and the myth of freedom

The Voice of Aliette Nouvelle is a “what if” story inspired by a myth that’s out of step with history. Jacques Normand is drawn from the actual modern outlaw Jacques Mesrine. During the 70’s and 80’s “our Jacques” was France’s Public Enemy No. 1 – a charmingly macho, and very deadly, social hero. For many French, a symbol of freedom.  What if our Jacques did not die in a hail of bullets à la Bonnie & Clyde? And, some ten years later, a young cop quietly building a name for herself is assigned to track him down? Inspector Aliette Nouvelle embodies a more subtle feminine heroic style befitting a changing world. She meets Jacques head-on, ties his heart and soul in knots, and captures the mantle of “freedom”.

235 pages  / Purchase online