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Tropéano’s Gun

…a hero in a world of deadly force

Whither a middle-aged cop? In Tropéano’s Gun, the messy conclusion to her first big case in the south brings an order from Division: Chief Inspector Aliette Nouvelle must wear the sidearm she has mostly ignored throughout her career. And she must attend a therapy program, to help her come to terms. Can an enforced regime of World Technique “sand play” therapy bring a hero to a new view of the world? And of herself? Aliette plays in the sandbox, seeking the necessary violence in her soul. Meanwhile, someone is killing street kids. When a fellow cop goes down, his gun goes missing. There’s a link to racist police politics. Brand new Sig2022 strapped snugly to her hip, the inspector wanders bleak night streets searching for a killer. Is she ready to use her gun?

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