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Last Days of Montreal

A message…and a state of mind.

Montreal is a city that lives the ideal of languages and peoples meeting, mixing and creating a culture greater than the sum of its diverse parts. In the autumn of 1995 a derelict man in a motorized wheelchair is the city’s self-appointed patron saint. No one knows his name.

They call him Last Days of Montreal. That’s what the sign on the back of his chair says. Red paint, Day-Glo, reversible – English, French, no problem, and in the right proportions for the pleasure of language cops.

Traveling through an imaginary landscape, Last Days and all true Montrealers are powered by apples, beer, the dream of love, and a dark but determined joie de vivre. How else to survive the politics of separation, economic downturn, record snowfalls, crumbling streets, and a baseball team on the verge of disappearing?



300 pages  / Purchase online